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Society for Upliftment & Development of Human being By Action

Aims and Objective

Aims and Objective

The Society has been created for Public, Educational, Medical, Relief, Health, Training, sustainable development by vocational training of needy community, basic research and Charitable purposes and the Members shall hold and stand possessed of the Society Fund upon Society any where in India for the following purposes :-


1. To manage, control and endow the Society for promoting the social and economic welfare and for the benefit and upliftment of the poor people in India by establishing, construction, equipping and running vocational training cum production centers and schools for poor people and for that purpose to acquire land or take land /building on lease

2. Establishing, constructing, equipping and running of hospitals, orphanages, homes for the aged, sick or disabled people and for that purpose to acquire land or take land /building on lease.

3. Carrying out curative & preventive medical and health services, health Education, family planning activities, community surveys and research.

4. Establishing, constructing , running, managing or aiding of cooperative Societies for the poor people for their self-employment and self supportive opportunities, and for that purpose to acquire land or to take land /building on lease.

5. Offering direct financial assistance and scholarship to the poor students for studies and in other field like sports and music

6. Publication of periodicals and literature,

7. To take up research and studies, publications and audio visual aids, media support and educational tools for various development programmes.

8. Supporting or granting aids or subscription to other Charitable Societies, Institutions or individuals.

9. Carrying out any other educational, cultural, medical, literary, medical tourism, educational consultancy for the community at large by providing immediate and long term relief by means of cheaper and readily available help and succor for needy community, and or any other charitable social clauses.

10. To undertake and assist in the development programme for the poor, needy, backward, underprivileged, handicapped and the sick irrespective of caste, creed or sex.

11. Initiate, administer and assist programmes for community development, family welfare, and better nutrition to children, women and poorer sections of the society.

12. Conduct Seminars, Symposiums, Workshops, Conferences, Public awareness lectures, theatre programmes, debates, at national & international levels, awareness/eradication/prevention/ programmes through print media, television, TV, Internet, Web etc , various programmes like Polio, measles, HIV, AIDS, STD, infant mortality, Female feticides, Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, Alcoholic Cirrhosis, Substance abuse, lifestyle diseases, prevention / eradication programmes. Programmes may be conducted by Society or in collaboration with Central Govt/ State Govt, any other public, private, autonomous Institution, International Healthcare Agencies, Medical Colleges, National or International Organisation and so on.

13. Open Centers for training of volunteers and those keen for training in order to open a in Care of Aged, bilateral provisioning of medical facilities for patients from within the country and from abroad.

14. Organize entrepreneurship development, motivational training programmes to help promote small business and income generation activities and evolve intervention to harness human resources of different age groups towards promotion of socially preferred entrepreneurship culture.

15. Create awareness and infrastructure out of grants in aid and donations from any welfare organization, national, international agencies, organizations or philanthropic persons for the training in developing sustainable skills for human development in order to live with dignity and honour.

16. To establish coordination with various agencies of Central and state Govt. and linkage with voluntary agencies in dissemination of useful knowledge from research institutions for rural development , women empowerment conservation and management of natural resources, agricultural practices for improving production.

17. To undertake consultancy marketing counseling services on its own or in association with other agencies in the field of education, entrepreneurship, micro enterprises and rural development.

18. To accept or give any grants, gifts, donations and subscriptions in furtherance of the objects of the society.

19. To purchase or accept as a gift or otherwise acquire and own or take on lease or hire temporarily or permanently any moveable or immoveable property necessary or convenient for furtherance of the activities or objects of the society and to deal with the same in any manner whatsoever.

20. To sell, assign, mortgage, lease, exchange and otherwise transfer or dispose off moveable or immoveable of the society as may be necessary or convenient for the working of the society with approval of majority of members.

21. All the incomes, earnings, properties of the society shall be solely utilized/applied towards promotion of the aims and objectives as set forth in this memorandum of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends bonus or otherwise in any manner whatsoever to the present or part members of the Society

22. Nothing herein contained shall prevent payment in good faith of remuneration in return for any service rendered to the society.

23. To apply for and to obtain any order of Central /State or such other Authority for enabling the Society to carry on any of its objects into effect or for effecting any modification of Society’s constitution or any other such purpose, which may seem expedient and to make representations against any proceedings or applications which may seem calculated directly or indirectly prejudice the society ’s interest.

24. To open, fund, establish the medical treatment centers or other institutions of benefit and help of disabled and physically handicapped persons or suffering from any diseases.

25. To represent the problems before the police /administrative heads / local bodies and pursue them and to make efforts to get them solved relating to crime, evils and corruption and other fields.

26. To approach before the concerned authorities in respect of day today problems of the society at large including disabled , harassment of women in work places, dowry harassment cases, mental & physical torture, violation of human rights, abused child, victims of rape, physical violence, denial of basic physical needs, constitutionally bestowed rights of citizen, feticide, wife battering cases, child labour, immoral trafficking of females, illegal detentions, problematic child custody cases, starvation deaths, aged abandoned parents by well of siblings etc.

27. To promote and help safe and healthy child adoption of orphans by volunteers providing safer homes and future for their growth. It will save many lives and preventing such children of neglect, crime prone and sexual exploitation. Society may accept donations, reasonable processing fee to meet the cost of documents, traveling of society employees, legal fee, print media notification publication, internet/website hosting fee, boarding /lodging and miscellaneous charges.

28. To promote health tourism to enable patient community all over the world to be able to get best surgical medical, dental treatment, cosmetic surgery, IVF, spiritual and spa and wellness alternative medical therapies at cheaper and affordable fee in India and neighboring countries by establishing foundations, Division, registered society as decided by majority of Members. Society may levy affordable fee from well to do families to meet the cost of input, consultation, staff remuneration.

29. Society may form subgroups /committees to look in to welfare, mitigation of problems and improve quality of life by financial, physical help, arranging vocational training of helpless Widows, unfortunate orphans, handicapped people, Slum dwellers & their Children, poor patients, terminally ill patients, poor bright students and other needy persons

30. To promote establish and develop medical research centres in different systems for advancement of medical facilities and relief.

31. To train young generation in first aid and civil defense for their assistance in emergencies, accident, natural and man made disasters, chemical, nuclear and biological warfare and terrorist attacks.

32. To open and maintain public Library facility for all sections particularly poorer section of society for reading.

33. To create facilities for integrated education of Handicapped/ autism children with normal children.

34. To create and provide to needy Creches / Balwadis in Slums and resettlement colonies.

35. May open Charitable Medical Clinic Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Gynaecology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology (Skin), Physiotherapy, Imaging ( X-Ray,CT, Ultrasound, MRI, PET), Pathology Laboratory, TB Screening Clinic, Day Care Surgery Centres, Cataract Operation Unit & Camps, Safe Delivery Units, Alternative System of Health Care Therapy Centres, Adoption Counselling Cebtres, HIV/AIDS Survey & Treatment Clinics, Night Shelters, Charitable Medical Dispensaries, Charitable Homeopathy , Naturopathy, Yoga D-stressing Centres, Hydrotherapy Centres, Dispensaries, Grameen/ Rural Seva Kendras Rural Population Development Centres, Drug De-addiction Centers, Accident/Emergency/Delivery Vans for emergency calls and safe transportation of poor/needy patients, population to save from fatality and disability to help needy community at affordable cost.

36. To provide feed, clothing, medical aid, stationary, transportation libraries, laboratories, reading rooms, hostels, sports goods and other required facilities to the needy poor needy population, orphan students, drug addiction victims.

37. To work for the upliftment of drug addicts, orphanages and old homes.

38.To arrange Eye sight and limb restoration campaigns, organ donation awareness campaigns. Life style diseases awareness & prevention campaigns.

39. To provide wheel chair, hearing aids etc & other appliances for handicapped persons

40. To open Social, Relief and Rehabilitation Departments for serving larger needy population.

41. Care of Aged Services -To establish Senior Citizen Homes and domiciliary care & facilitation services Centers for increasing Aged population globally.

42. To meet the needs of young youths of increasing younger population in India and globally, for needy community to provide Education Counseling, tailor made job oriented, community based, vocational/academic Curricula for Educational Institutions to create more opportunities for meeting increasing demand for more seats and more newer courses for meeting demand of expanding industries and economy i.e measures aimed at reducing unemployment, starvation , malnutrition and reduction in crime rate in society.

43. To open Craft Training Centers & and Delivery Units, Thrift Shops, Book Shops for women group and physically handicapped like blindness, polio victims, socially exploited women and children for earning minimum livelihood for leading life with dignity.

44. To promote, establish and develop medical research centers in different systems for advancement of medical facilities and relief.

45. To raise funds other than normal subscription by selling greeting Cards, Candles, products of poor population, visually handicapped persons, handicraft & food items by women group to help them meet basic needs for survival.

46. To restore the productive capacities of farming system by improving water availability and through controlled usage of natural resources.

47. To identify the factors leading to resource degradation and its impact on the lifestyle of the local population and take steps to provide consultancy for rectification.

48. To work and contribute positively to the issues of social security in the organized and unorganized sector.

49. To develop innovative methods of imparting health education, nutrition awareness and delivery of medical and support services.

50. To undertake and assist in emergency relief work for victims of natural calamities and disasters, resettlement and rehabilitation of the needy.

To spread awareness about various Disasters and create infrastructure to respond to emergencies and provide post disaster emergency aid, provision of distribution of relief medicines , food packets, hygiene kits, drinking water supply, hygiene & sanitation measures, vaccinations, lighting and cooking arrangements, blankets and other relief and rehabilitation work including emotional trauma & stress relief measures. To help the Govt /public sectors in comprehensive post disaster relief work on permanent basis by MOU with Central /State Govt/ International Relief Agencies.

51. Keeping in tune with national policy on Voluntary sector functioning and making source , receipt and expenditure of funds received and transparency at all levels, Society will arrange for those interested for training in VO financial management and Accreditation system, It may conduct workshop, seminars, and symposiums for such purposes.

52. To facilitate formation of community groups in the form of Self Help Groups (SHGs), Community Based Organisation (CBOs), Samities, etc, which will work on issues affecting their lives with an aim of improving the quality of their life.

53. To build infrastructure in the form of Balwadis, Schools and institutes of higher education with an aim to improve the standard of education and directly affect the lives of the community in identified area.

54. To carry out any other educational, cultural, literary, medical, and social causes.

55 To plan and implement adult literacy programs to improve the literacy level of the target area/community.

56. Carrying out curative and preventive medical and health services, health education, family planning activities, community surveys and research .

57. To educate community about effects of environmental degradation, global worming and effects on human lives, wild lives and overall ill effects.

58. To bring awareness and take measures to prevent deforestation, take measures and promote use of solar energy, and gas for cooking in urban slums, rural areas thus preventing unwanted use of wood and prevention in global warming.

59. To take measures for prevention of Human Right violation and bring to notice of authorities such cases to take action against violators.
To bring awareness in society about Human Rights, violation of Human Rights.

60. To bring awareness in society about good governance and create a mass movement against corruption, malpractices, delayed justice, unlawful detention in custody, innocents languishing in jails

61. To do all such things or acts as are or may be necessary or convenient incidental or conductive to the attainment of any of or all the objectives

62. To establish the help line for distress people, women and children and for counseling in career for students.

63.To create awareness amongst people about RTI act and its application .

64. To create awareness amongst people about voting right

65. To bring awareness about road traffic rules and training to concerned people about road safety

66. To establish Family-marriages counseling centers to deal with family marriage disputes/ problems

67. To borrow, raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as the society deems fit or convenient for furtherance of the above objectives and to purchase, redeem or pay off any such obligations or securities

68. Objectives of the society can be enlarged with a unanimous decision of all its members.