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World Environment Day 2013

World Environment Day 2013

SUDHA Society Celebrated the World Environment day in association of Art Of living and RWA South City 2

SUDHA society  Regd( Not for profit organization )    celebrated the World Environment day in association of Art Of living and RWA  south city 2  ( World environment is  due  on 5th june 2013 ) at South City 2 Near A- one block at 6.30 pm  on 2nd June 2013 .The theme of the day was  observed as a ‘No Honking’ to protect the Environment from Noise pollution under the banner of SUDHA SE SUDHAR Programme.


Hundreds of  children , youth and women   participated   in the event and  drive the  Bycycle and walk in the south city 2 Gurgaon  and shown their concerned  for the Environment by demonstrating THE PLACARD on” No honking” and on Environment especially prepared by children of the south city 2 residents  and Bagiya   students ( School for underprivileged students )

Mrs. Arti Madholia Mrs India 2013 (Tourism ) Asia International  graced the function as chief Guest.

Dr. T.  Raj Dev Patro CEO Spandan hospital Gurgaon , sh. S. C. Sharma President RWA , south city 2 Gurgaon was a Guest of honour of the event.  Sh. Gk bhatnagar president greeted the guest by presenting the green paintings to them  instead of bouquet , where plastic is used.


Ms. Aarti appreciated the activity of the SUDHA society and said that  every one is the victim of honking and every one is required to take corrective steps before things go from the  control. She also  emphasized to grow the  medicinal plants .Dr. Patro and  Sh. Sharma and Mr.G. K.bhatnagar President SUDHA society also spoke on the occasion and covered the  topic related to environment  like  commencement of world Environment day from 1972,  common types of pollution,noise pollution, effect of sound pollution,Gross roots effects of pollution on Environment, How many decibels can the human ears can  handle, ear drums aredamaging due to honking,How many decibels sounds  are generated by  trucks, car,etc

The programme was started with the Ganesh vandana song by a child Raj Agarwal followed by songs by Reema danial played in Guitar.   The young boy sh. Himlaya joshi 5th standard student sung the poem on the environment with the solo action was well appreciated by the residents of the south city 2. The participants prizes were also given  by the chief guest. The anchoring of the event was done by the Ms. Bhagitathi  Jindal resident of south city 2 Gurgaon( Teacher of Pathways international School). ,Sh. Aakash Aggarwal and Pramod kumar executive members of the society took active role to make the programme successful. Sh. P k khanna resident of south city 2 took active part in the event.  Besides students Vaibh tomar, ms. Ananya  took active role  in the event. Park hospital south city 2  also provided the Ambulance services at the spot to deal with  any causality.


Shri Satpal  from Raipur Regional Director of Chattishgarh state of the Society also participated the event. 7 Students of Bagyia (  Sanshil foundation Ngo) south city 2 and their executive members also attended the activity.( Ms. Shilpha Sonal Founder, Mrs.  Mamta Karwal co- founder , vinu Gupta head  co- ordinator ) Question related to environment were also raised by the participants  to the  Guests. The  entire Event covered by the Haryana news TV on the spot also.The residents of south city 2 appreciated the event organized by the Sudha society, especially for taking the help of Art of living, RWA,  Residents,  Bagiya school, School students , Park hospital, TV channel, police deptt. RUDSET  Gurgaon , Doctors  Etc in organizing the event.