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National Mathematics Day

National Mathematics Day

Sudha society ( Regd ) observed National mathematics day today at A1 block south city 2 Gurgaon . In India on 22nd Dec. is celebrated as a National Mathematics day.The day is observed to commemorate the birth anniversary of great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Sudha Society invited Memory king Dr. Himmat Bhardwaj R/o Gurgaon age 26 years old only as a Guest of Honor in this Program who holds 17 world records & 6 national records in memory and calculation. His name has been registered in the prestigious world Record holders Club of India. Dr. Himmat is the person who has won the hearts of millions of people through his outstanding presentation, mesmerizing public speaking and record breaking skills. The one and only person on the earth who recollected all the 118 elements of periodic table just in 33.22 seconds and he has set an awesome example in Indian history by setting world record in calculation by calculated square roots of 10 randomly selected numbers up to 10 decimal places within duration of 54.50 seconds at Indian Books of records office on 11/02/ 13 before all prominent print & electronic media.


He has covered the following topics/ tips in the program at south city 2 Gurgaon 1)Multiply any digital by special multiplicands like 9998x9997 in less than 5 seconds 2)Answering long multiplication in one line.3)Learn to memorize table easily3) squaring numbers at glance 4) Calculate any day from a 500 years calendars. He was accompanied by his three students in the program those also made wonderful performance on calculations etc. which was appreciated by all.


Dr. Himmat says that everything is possible, just train your brain Dr. Himmat is living proof that an ordinary person can achieve extraordinary thing.


The program was attended by the large number of residents and children and sudha open school kids . Everyone was wondering with Dr. Himmats memory performance . At the outset Mr. G k bhatnagar President Sudha society welcomed Dr. Himmat and his wife Mrs. Khusboo by presenting bouquet to them and conducted the program and briefed about Dr. Himmat to audience . Dr. Himmat assured that he will give free training/ Tips to Sudha open school kids to sharp their memory. In this occasion Sh. Abdul Samad khan singer who received so many awards R/O south city was also invited in the program to sung the song alongwith sudha open school kids to welcome Dr. Himmat . Sh. G K bhatnagar President sudha society also honored Dr. Himmat Bhardwaj by giving him certificate of Excellence in the field of Mathematics in the presence of gathering.


The program ended with the National Anthem sung by all the residents and children.