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World Computer Literacy day

World Computer Literacy day

SUDHA society ( Regd ) launched the CLAP ( COMPUTER Literacy At ( your ) Place ) today on 2nd Dec. 2015 on World computer literacy day for housewives of south city 2 Gurgaon. Under this clap program housewives will be given 12 days training in computer learning by housewives trained in computer .


In this program internet and Basic knowledge in Computer will be will be taught by anther housewives who are trained in the Computer to housewives who does not know computer knowledge. Sudha Society proposed to trained 101 housewives in one year in a phased manner.


Every year December 2 is observed as Computer Literacy Day. to create awareness and increase access to information technology for all communities. Able to access computer and mobile skill is used to access internet and communicate throughout the world.


The EDENBAG ( fruit and vegetable on line supplier ) of South city has initially agreed to sponsor 11 housewives training expenses under this CLAP program of SudHA society.


The program started today with giving training to Housewife Mrs. Tapati Roychoudhary by another housewife Mrs. Deepti Goyal ( textile Engineer ) R/ o south city 2 Gurgaon at her residence. This is for your kind information with requst to please give coverage ofthe above activity in your esteem